ILS engineering services by MULTI

ILS engineering services by MULTI – What can we do for you? is involved in several ILS related projects for clients in the shipbuilding industry. Our ILS Engineers work either at our clients premises or at our own offices on a variety of assignments. But what is ILS exactly? And what can MULTI do for you?

ILS stands for Integrated Logistics Support. It is a methodology to plan and direct the identification and development of logistics support and system requirements. ILS originates from military system building, but nowadays addresses the systematical analysis and preparation of a wide variety of technical systems in order to acquire insight in operational predictability. applies the methodology to plan and prepare for safe, reliable and predictable operations of ships under construction. ILS is a method that helps to organize the operation and maintenance of complex systems by analyzing the entire life-cycle of a floating asset. The goal is to decrease the demand for logistics by maintenance system optimization and to lower the product life cycle cost. Achieving this will ease the need for product support during operations and will improve the planning and controllability of the maintenance processes of the asset.

The ILS engineers work in multifunctional teams on a broad variety of tasks. They are mainly responsible for the planning and execution of all ILS elements during system specification, design, production, deployment and maintenance. Important in this process is the translation of the customer specifications to the supplier specifications and products. The purpose is to develop and deliver the ILS products, on time, within budget and within quality standards.

Typical tools and methods that ILS Engineers use are Failure Mode Effect and Consequence Analyses (FMECA) and Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Testability analyses (RAMS-T).

The ILS Engineers are the focal point for all matters in relation to ILS towards the customer and to other project functions and subcontractors. They work closely with Projectmanagement, Sourcing department and Engineering on daily basis.

Our ILS Engineers are technical specialists with a background in Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, E&I or other relevant technical domains. They have relevant and practical experience in the field of maintenance. This experience usually has been gained through study and practical experience in the field, which is an enormously valuable addition to this domain.

If you would like to have more information about our activities within ILS, or you are interested in what MULTI can do for your organization please contact Hélène Simons:

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