MULTI/Academy | developments in parametric design

Maridea has developed tools to efficiently design ships using parametric design.

Two tools are presently available; hullshape design and midship section structural design.
The strength of the tools is within the flexibility it offers to change the design during the process and to directly see the consequences.
Although any ship design is a compromise between various design choices, using parametric design gives a Client more control on finding the best compromise, as design changes are directly analyzed and consequences can be evaluated quickly. It also avoids that early fixed choices with respect to the main dimensions need to be taken.

Hullshape development

This tool can generate hullshapes of high fairing quality based on a number of parameters and a bowshape line.

The tool can be used to either exactly use the input data or be used to fair input data. This last option allows for rapid hull development.
Within an hour a hull can be developed and hydrostatic properties reviewed.
Links with hydrodynamics software allow for motion and resistance review.

Using the main dimensions as input to the midship section design tool then shows directly the new steelweight and CoG.

Midship Section Design Tool

One of the critical aspects in ship design is a correct estimate of the steelweight and CoG.

Using knowledge databases ensures a decent estimate, but changing the design in terms of width, depth, double sides or double bottom and evaluating the consequences is generally less
With the new tool the consequences can be seen directly and the new structural arrangement is immediately available.

A presentation on design aspects of offshore ships will be given for the Multi Academy on April 17th, 2018 in Temse.