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Glad Multi manages to find a project for me in the maritime sector every time.
And always within cycling distance of my house, that makes me happy!


I find my job happiness in creating something new. This can be anything: a method to place geotextiles on the seabed, the layout of a piece of accommodation or the optimal placement of an excavator to empty a gravel bucket. But it can also be the creation of a process model, a clear drawing or, if necessary, a good text. As long as it is new and usable. The idea that I think of something / calculate / draw / write / ... that did not exist yet and that will be useful to someone later makes me feel that I have spent my time useful. And that makes me happy!


There is a sense of pride and well-being that all engineers feel after having completed a difficult project successfully. It is a life-rewarding career: creating, designing and producing useful products for others.Multi Engineering is the perfect link between your dreams and projects that match your experience and interests.


Multi is a good employer that I would definitely recommend.


MULTI.engineering is a real family business with a nice mix of professionalism and geniality.

Everyone is committed to score great projects and a great deal of effort is expected, but there is certainly also an eye and ear for the employees.